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Pediatrician Facts

Pediatricians Can Care For You Well Into Adulthood
What comes to mind when you think of a pediatrician? Odds are, you think of a doctor who cares for babies and young children. After all, pediatricians are specialized in child-based healthcare, not adults. Just how long will a pediatrician actually care for a patient? Believe it or not, many pediatricians will continue to care for patients up until the age of 21. While it may seem like a patient should see an “adult” doctor between the ages of 16 and 18, some pediatricians argue that sticking with one doctor can be beneficial.

The reason? An extended time of care actually advances a pediatrician’s ability to track a child’s growth and physical development from the time they’re born, well into adulthood. This can help to identify any potential anomalies or issues before they become full-blown problems. While most of us will start seeing a pediatrician as babies and then transition to a different doctor during our teenage years, it is an option to stick with one pediatrician until the age of 21. In fact, it could be beneficial! Would you ever consider keeping your child with a pediatrician well into their college years?