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Hair Salon Facts

The Most Common Hair Type In the World
Hair salons are used to dealing with all hair types and textures. Yet, research suggests they may encounter one hair type more than any other: Medium hair types. Other hair types include thick, fine, and curly. Medium hair is the most common hair type in the world and it tends to cover the scalp very well.

It is great for styling as it is not quite as fragile as fine hair and can be manipulated into curls or updos with ease. In contrast, very thick hair can be difficult to style as it does not always easily hold a curl or maintain the structure. In terms of structure, medium textures tend to have two distinct layers- the cuticle and the cortex- and may even contain the medulla.

These hair types are often broken down into several sub-type including straight, wavy, curly, or coily. It isn’t unusual for a woman to feel frustrated by her hair type or to even seek a haircut that negates the type entirely. Hair salons are used to working with every single hair type and know how to best cut and style any type of hair so that it is easy to work with.