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Hair Salon Facts

Your Stylist Is Never Trying To Shame You
One thing many women dread about heading to the hair salon is the barrage of questions from their stylists. Especially the common question “Do you dye your hair at home?” Odds are, at some point in your life, you have dyed your hair at home. Perhaps you only dye your hair at home. In the salon setting, this can sometimes feel accusatory or shame-inducing. Sometimes it even leaves a bad taste in the mouth in regards to the stylists themselves. If you’ve ever felt shamed at answering “yes” to the home hair coloring question, you don’t have to!

Believe it or not, when your stylist asks you if you have colored your hair at home, they are 100 percent not trying to shame you for. Instead, they are trying to determine how to best go about fixing your hair. Store-bought hair colors actually contain metallic salts. Over time, these salts can build-up in your hair and cause serious breakage, discoloration, and damage. In order to best serve you, your stylist needs to know if any of the damage to your hair has been caused by home dye kits. Not to shame you, but to help give you the products you need to restore health and shine.