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Fast Food Facts

Fast Food Restaurants Are Decorated To Create Cravings
Driving down the street, you may notice that every fast food restaurant seems to have something in common: the colors used inside and outside of the establishment. Think this is all an eerie coincidence? Not quite. Fast food restaurants are decorated with these colors on purpose. Wendy’s McDonald’s, Burger, King, Pizza Hut, many other companies all use colors such as red and yellow in their logos. The reason? Studies show that these colors are proven to grab a consumer’s attention and stimulate appetite Additionally, these colors have been known to increase the speed in which one eats, meaning you’ll crave fast food or something that you can scarf down rather quickly.

Not only can these logos attract us from the road, but the interior colors are designed to get us to order more. How can you keep your appetite in check? Experts recommend ordering from a drive-thru window and then enjoying your food at home. If you’re not close to your house, eat outside the restaurant or at a picnic table in a nearby park.

The idea is to avoid the colors of the restaurant as often as possible as this can keep you from eating too much or over-ordering.