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Fast Food Facts

Which US State Eats The Most Fast Food?
There’s no question that Americans love fast food. From McDonald’s and Burger King to Wendy’s and KFC, it seems this country has a thing for greasy fried goodness. Have you ever wondered which state actually consumes the most fast food? Believe it or not, the state of Kentucky! It may be nicknamed the Bluegrass State but they could easily dub themselves the Fast Food State.

Kentucky boasts more than four fast-food restaurants for every 10,000 residents. That means they have more fast food joints than anywhere else in America. They are the headquarters of several fast-food giants, including Papa Johns, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Not surprisingly, Kentucky has the twelfth highest adult obesity rate in the country. According to studies, it is much more arduous to refuse the fast food temptation when it exists all around. Kentuckians simply cannot refuse!

Additionally, it has been said that an abundance of fast food locations can actually drive down the cost of the food itself, making it even more attractive and accessible to local residents. No wonder those folks can’t seem to get enough! Do you think your state has a fast-food problem?