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Delivery Restaurants Are Always Fielding Complaints
Ever received a delivery order that wasn’t quite up to snuff? You’re certainly not alone! Delivery restaurants are always fielding complaints. Ever wondered which complaint delivery restaurants receive most often? According to statistics, the top complaint most consumers have is food not being hot enough! A whopping 17% of delivery recipients complain to the restaurant about their food not being hot. Another 16% complain that the food didn’t come fast enough or in enough time to meet their expectations. Incorrect orders account for 12% of all delivery restaurant complaints and another 12% of complaints are about restaurants ignoring instructions.

Of course, complaining is a two-way street! Not only do customers complain, but delivery drivers often have a few complaints as well. What’s the top complaint among delivery drivers? Unsurprisingly, a whopping 60% complain about either not receiving a tip or only receiving a very minimal tip. Another 52% complain that the food is not ready for them to pick up at the restaurant on time, meaning those late food orders you receiver is often no fault of your driver. A resounding 39% of drivers also complain that customers are not clear with their instructions and don’t direct them where to go once at the home.

The moral of the story: delivery is great, but also prone to complaints from both consumers and drivers!