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Delivery Restaurant Facts

How Often Do People Order Food For Delivery?
The food delivery business has grown by a whopping 300 percent in the past 10 years. Now more than ever, people are choosing a delivery restaurant over a dine-in experience. Odds are during our changing times, you’re relying on delivery more than ever. Just how often do most people order food for delivery in a week? Believe it not, 26 percent of all US citizens admit to ordering food for delivery at least once a week. In cities such as New York and Los Angeles, most residents will order delivery at least twice a week, if not a little more. Since delivery is not available in more rural areas, those places tend to get take out rather than ordering from a delivery restaurant.

Of those that do order food delivery, a whopping 51 percent will utilize a stand-alone delivery service such as GrubHub to procure their food. Fewer people are relying on the delivery restaurant’s own delivery team than they had 10-15 years ago. A reported 86 percent of all consumers will order food delivery at least once a month. What’s the most popular food to have delivered? Pizza of course! This isn’t just because pizza is a favorite from coast to coast. Pizza restaurants tend to deliver even in more rural areas will other restaurants will not. This gives even those in very remote regions the convenience of hot fresh delivery!