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Tire Shop Facts

Tire Shops Have Seen It All
If you have a flat tire or a puncture, odds are you’re going to head to your local tire shop to have a look. Tire shops are adept at fixing and dealing with all types of tire issues, including puncture wounds and worn treads. While their day to day tasks might seem pretty routine, most tire shops cite that they actually never know what they’re going to get on a given day. In fact, they’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to things being stuck in tires.

What are some of the strangest things tire shops report having to remove? According to reports, tire shops have had to remove items such as screwdrivers, bullets, scissors, car keys, silverware, and even deer antlers! There is no limit on the amount of weird stuff most tire shops have seen. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed over running over something silly and puncturing your tire, don’t be. These things don’t phase tire shop workers and tend to make for some pretty interesting stories later on. After all, wouldn’t you want to hear about how a tire technician had to go about removing deer antlers?