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Tire Shop Facts

Used Tires Create A Ton Of Waste
One thing that every tire shop must contend with is what to do with used tires that can no longer be placed on a car. While some tire shops will resell used tires that are in good condition for a reduced price, some tires are far beyond further use. What do tire shops do with these tires? Well, in some parts of the world, they dispose of them in landfills or through other means. Each and every year, tire shops dispose of 250 million used tires. Many of these tires just end up lying around in landfills taking up much needed space.

Luckily, many tire shops and recycling programs are creating savvy ways to combat this problem. For example, there are now eco recycling programs that melt down the tires and use them in asphalt for roads and driveways. Some programs also shred tires for use in garden mulch and playgrounds (they are softer for children to fall upon). Sometimes old tires can even be recycled and made into new tires. If the issue of disposing of old tires rests upon your shoulders and not the tire shop, there are plenty of ways to upcycle them. For example, old tires make great planters, dog beds, swings, and other forms of playground equipment.