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Who Manufactures More Tires Than Any Other Brand?
You can’t go to a tire shop without seeing row upon row of tires, all created by manufacturers like Goodyear or Michelin. Given the abundance of tires in tire shops, one might think that top tire brands are the one churning out the world’s largest supply of tires. If this is your thought, you’re about to have your mind blown. Who actually manufactures more tires than any other brand? Well, it is a pretty well known toy company.

Lego, yes the producer of colorful plastic bricks, creates more tires every year than any other tire manufacturer on the planet. That’s right, they produce more tires than industry giants such as Goodyear and Pirelli. Lego reportedly crafts a whopping 318 million tires each and every year. In fact, they currently hold the Guinness World Record for largest tire manufacturer per annual year. Just think of all the little tires that go into every Lego set on the shelves today. That’s quite a few tires! Of course, if you’re looking for tires at your local tire shop, you’ll probably want to stick with a brand that doesn’t make toys!