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Thai Food Facts

Thai Food Has Plenty of Sugar To Go Around
Looking to cut back on your sugar intake? Well, you may not want to eat authentic Thai food too often. While Thai food can be quite healthy and chock full of vegetables, it can also contain quite a bit of sneaky sugar. Thai cuisine is all about combining flavors such as spicy, saltay, sour, and sweet. To accomplish this, many dishes, even those you wouldn’t expect to have sugar, often contain a bit more sugar than you bargained for. From Pad Thai to green papaya salad, it isn’t uncommon to find several spoonfuls of sugar added during the preparation.

If sugar is an issue for you, you can ask to have the dish tweaked or with less sugar added. All you have to do is say “waan noi” which translates to ‘slightly sweet.’ For the most part the restaurant will be more than willing to add a bit less sugar to suit your palette. Of course with Thai food, if it isn’t sugar, its spice. You may want to decide which flavor suits you better and how much is too much of each. After all, you want to enjoy your Thai meal, not suffer through it until the end!