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Storage Units Facts

Where Are Most Storage Units Located?
When one thinks of storage units, they probably think of urban areas that are cramped for space. After all, when you’re renting a 100 square foot apartment in New York City, you’re probably going to need an extra place to store most of your stuff. While urban areas and cities definitely have plenty of storage units, they do not house the majority of storage units in the US. Where are most storage units located?

Most storage units are located in suburban areas. Despite the prevalence of larger homes, garages and more open space, it seems as if many suburban families simply have a bit too much stuff. Statistics show that 52% of all storage facilities are in the suburbs, 32% are in the city, and just 16% are in rural areas. Why so few storage units in rural areas? Many attribute this to the fact that rural areas tend to be economically more depressed. These regions simply don’t consume as much nor do they buy an abundance of material things. Less stuff equals little need for extra storage. Additionally, many in rural areas have larger garages, barns, attics or basements.