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How Many Storage Units Exist In The United States?
Storage units allow anyone to store their extra stuff outside of the home. In fact, statistics show that 65% of self storage renters have a garage in their home, 33% have a basement, and an additional 47% have an attic. This seems to suggest that most Americans have more things than their homes will even allow! With all of that stuff, the need for storage units is greater than ever, which is probably why there are so many from coast to coast. Just how many storage units exist in the United States?

Statistics show that there are some 48,500 self-storage units in the United States per day. That averages out to around 900 facilities per state. This is a great contrast to countries like Canada who boast just 3,000 storage units. Some believe that this means that Americans simply have too much stuff compared to citizens of other countries. Others suggest that Americans simply like to declutter frequently and often require extra space. Whatever the reason, there’s no questioning that self-storage units are highly popular!

In the coming years, the number of storage units is only expected to grow even more.