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Pizza Facts

America’s First Pizza Parlor Is Still In Operation Today
Want to take a trip back in time and visit America’s first pizza parlor? You’re in luck! If you’re craving a seriously authentic slice of pizza, all you have to do is head to NewYork City. This is where America’s first pizza place, Lombardi’s was founded in 1905. However, Lombardi’s didn’t initially begin as a pizza parlor. Believe it or not, t his beloved New York Staple originated as a grocery store. They simply started selling pizza in 1905, creating the delicious marvel we will know and love today.

During this early time in American pizza history, most people didn’t eat pizza or know what pizza was. In fact, during the first few decades of the 20th century, pizza was mostly eaten and sold by working-class Italian immigrants. Those from other regions of the world weren’t privy to pizza nor did they really touch the stuff. If it weren’t for these working-class immigrants and their love of pizza pie, one of our staple foods may not hold the aplomb it does today.

Can you even imagine a life void of pizza? Neither can we. Luckily, thanks to Lombardis and those of Italian heritage, we don’t have to.