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Park Facts

Can A Park Boost Your Attitude?
Feeling down in the dumps? Perhaps, you’ve snapped at more than one person today. What can you do to give yourself a mood boost without spending money or calling up a friend? Turns out, boosting your mood or changing your attitude is as simple as heading to your local parks. Studies show that simply taking a walk in a park or forest setting can generate more positive psychological effects than other vices such as shopping or even working out.

Other studies found that simply spending 90 minutes a day in nature (such as your local park) can lower overall feelings of frustrations and increase brain activity. As it turns out, walking or hanging out in a green space is as effective as meditation. If you can practice meditative walking, you can boost those mood benefits even more. Meditative or slow walking can increase happiness and define a positive emotional mindset. Psychologists are discovering just how far parks can go in broadening how a person thinks, acts, and goes about daily life.

The next time you’re feeling a bit at odds with yourself, simply head to the local park and spend some time meditatively walking or taking in your surroundings. Odds are, you’ll feel better in a flash!