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Park Facts

Need to Build Social Capital? Head to the Park!
Social capital is something that is formed through interpersonal relationships and creating supportive networks. Unfortunately, building social capital is often easier said than done. Unless you’re looking to spend some time in nature! Want to build social capital, head to the local park. According to studies, the presence of landscape or trees has the unique ability to promote greater community connections. Additionally, simply being able to view a park or green space from the window of your home has been linked to a greater perception of neighborhood satisfaction and well-being. To take it one step further, those who live in public housing report feeling safer and more at ease when there are parks nearby or well-maintained landscaping such as trees and grass.

Believe it or not, neighborhoods and towns with an abundance of parks and greenery tend to boast lower crime rates, fewer incivilities, and less graffiti. It has also been noted that active involvement in community parks and greening, as well as nature projects, can produce serious social benefits, including strengthening intergenerational ties and feeding organizational empowerment. As you can see, a bit of green space and dedicated park options can seriously go a long way!