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Opthamologist Facts

Ophthalmology Is A Very Ancient Profession
Eye health often seems like a very modern invention. After all, did our ancient ancestors really do everything they could to protect their peepers? Believe it or not, yes! Ophthalmology and the role of the ophthalmologist can actually be traced back to 800 BC in ancient India.

Though they weren’t called by these names, these early eye doctors were so adept that they had the ability to identify more than 76 ocular diseases and could perform a staggering 51 surgical procedures on the eye. In fact, conditions such as cataracts were first treated on the Indian continent. From the Indian invention, Greeks, Romans and Middle Eastern cultures started to lean more into eye health as well.

The early ophthalmologists had to rely on precision tools to get the job done, much like modern eye-doctors need certain tools to do their job correctly today. Some speculate that in Ancient Peru if a doctor performed a surgical eye procedure and somehow dented the eye or altered vision in a negative way, the surgeon would have to lose his eye as well. Obviously our ancient counterparts took eye health very very seriously!

Luckily, no one is losing an eye over a mistake in the modern-day.