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Notarial Certificates Can Outlive A Notary
With most professions, the second you pass on to the other side, your job title and accomplishments go with you. When you’re a notary, oftentimes your legacy and statistics will live on long after you go! Believe it or not, most notarial certificates will outlive the notary themselves! The key purpose of a notarial certificate is to forever memorialize for all time who appeared before a given notary on a certain date and time. It is also noted in which state or county something was notarized.

These certificates and documents live on forever and are an official record for future generations to come. Properly completed notarial acts become a key part of history. Even once the notary is gone, their work lives on. This is one reason why so many people strive to become notary publics, their work doesn’t just die off when they go, their legacy lives on through the people they serve and the certificates they notarize. It is about as close to immortality as one can really get.

Want to live on forever? You may want to think about becoming a notary on the side yourself!