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Mexican Food Facts

Mexican Food Is Very Worldly
It is easy to fall into the belief that the origins of Mexican food lie only in Mexico. In reality, Mexican food is one of the most worldly cuisines on earth. It stands as a beautiful multicultural blend of European, African, Native American, and Caribbean influences. Few foods are as globally diverse as Mexican cuisine. Elements include confectionary creations like dulches from Europe, a myriad of spices from Africa, plantains from the Carribean, and rice from Asia. There is also the incorporation of animals that were once bred and domesticated in Europe.

When you eat Mexican food, there is heritage and global influence in every single bite. This is recognized by UNESCO, which actually only totes 3 cuisines in the world on its ever intangible heritage lists. Meixcan is one of the three world cuisines, including French and Meditterean. It is a food loved and recognized all over the world as delicious and unique. Most of us see Mexican food as a comfort food as it is such a part of our everyday lives that it would be hard to picture our global food choices without it.