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Are Margaritas Actually Authentic To Mexico?
Most of us can’t imagine a meal of Mexican food without a nice salty margarita on the side. In fact, they are the most popular adult beverage choice at a majority of Mexican food restaurants in the US and abroad. This leads many to believe that the Margarita was most likely created in Mexico a long long time ago. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Here is a fact that could shock even the most devout foodie: the Margarita was not invented in Mexico at all.

Where was the Margarita invented? History states that the beloved Margarita was not even invented by someone of Mexican ancestry. Instead, the infamous “Mexcan” drink was invented by the daughter of a German ambassador. Rumor has it, the ambassador’s daughter traveled to Mexico, where she got a hold of some tequila. She started experimenting with the liquor and eventually created what is not known as the margarita. While the margarita does have some basis in Mexico based on the tequila, it is not an authentic Mexican drink, nor was it created by someone with Mexican heritage.

Shocking news, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying a margarita the next time you go out for some delicious Mexican food!