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Internist Facts

Who Was The Most Important Figure In Internal Medicine?
Internal medicine has existed since the late 1800s. At that time, one figure proved more important than just about any other! Who was the most important figure in internal medicine? Historians note that the most seminal figure in the development and fostering of internal medicine was an American named William Osler. Osler was seen as the consummate internist. He embodied all of the attributes (professional and personal) that made internal medicine so unique and different from other medical specialties.

Born in 1849, Osler demonstrated an exceptional commitment to both patient care and procuring knowledge. He applied everything he learned to clinical practice while developing his own unique methods of teaching and learning medicine that revolved around patients. While some medicinal field was focused on science, Osler knew that patients had to be involved in their own care. He developed bedside teaching methodologies as well as clinical clerkships for fledgling medical students. He also developed residency training for students who had already graduated from school.

After more than a century, these educational methods are still in play today. Without Osler, internal medicine as we know it today wouldn’t even exist. Next time you visit your internal medicine doctor, keep Mr. Osler in mind!