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The World’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Is Anything But Bland
Ice cream is a beloved treat the world over. From California to Kyoto, everyone can enjoy a dish or cone of the cold stuff on a warm day. Did you ever stop and wonder what ice cream flavor the world loves the most? Despite all of the options and flavors available today, the world’s favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla!

That’s right, good old vanilla still owns the world’s heart. While some may see this as a bland choice, vanilla lovers argue that the flavor is simple and goes with everything. Vanilla is a best-seller because it has the ability to enhance so many other treats and desserts, like apple pie or cake. It tastes great on its own, but also works with a variety of toppings such as whipped cream or fudge sauce. It can even be used to make floats!

Coming in second place in the world’s favorite flavors is good old chocolate. Much vanilla, this is a versatile flavor that works with everything! It can be as decadent or light as you desire. It also makes a great base for sundaes and milkshakes. Of course, no matter which flavor you choose, you can’t really go wrong as long as you’re eating ice cream!