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Hospital Facts

Hospitals Are Cold For A Reason
Ever ended up in a hospital only to feel the chill? That’s because most hospitals are kept pretty chilly. While you might think this makes hospitals a bit uninviting, they’re kept cold for a pretty good reason. Believe it or not, keeping hospitals cooler can help to kill bacteria. If a hospital was kept at the same temperature as your home, it would become breeding grounds for bacteria. That would make your hospital room a rather unsterile environment!

This is the same reason why hospital decor is kept so sparse. Almost everything in a hospital has to do with sterilization and cleaning. The more knick-knacks and decor a room has, the more difficult a room or hallways is to clean. In the same vein, you shouldn’t expect a good night’s sleep at the hospital. Aside from being chilly and rather barebones, patients are required to have their vital signs checked every four hours. That means you won’t get much shut-eye, even if you need your rest.

Next time you think a hospital is too cold or inhospitable, remember that they are this way for a very good reason: to protect both patients and visitors against possible bacterial infections.