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How Long Does the Average Shopper Spend In The Grocery Store?
Most of us intend to get in and out of the grocery store as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that rarely ever goes as planned! Just how long does the average shopper spend in the grocery store? According to statistics, the average person will head to the grocery store around 1.6 times per week. Once inside the store, they will spend about 43 minutes inside, not including the amount of time it spent to get to and from the store itself. What does this mean for our time spent in the grocery store?

Well, over the course of an average year, we each spend around 60 hours simply grocery shopping. That’s like spending more than the entire workweek just trying to pick out your next meal! Imagine what one could do with all that time back in their lives. Why you could probably finally get that memoir written or teach yourself a new language. You could even attend an astounding 21 baseball games with your kid! The moral of the story? We all spend way too much time at the grocery store. Maybe grocery delivery is the way of the future?