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Gastroenterologist Facts

What’s One Thing Gastroenterologists Won’t Often Tell You?
Gastroenterologists are pretty upfront about the human body, especially when it comes to gut health. Still, there is one thing many gastroenterologists won’t tell you about your amazing stomach-- the acids are actually quite volatile. Believe it or not, the acids that exist within your stomach are strong enough to burn your skin. So why don’t these acids burn your stomach as well? Well, the human body is an amazing thing. A thick layer of mucus actually protects the stomach lining and keeps that wicked acid on the inside where it lives with your food.

Why won’t gastroenterologists speak of this amazing fact? Well, according to many, revealing just how unique and volatile these acids are can lead some people to panic, especially when they suffer from heartburn. When gastric acid leaks up into the esophagus, you’ll experience the burn of heartburn. Proton pump inhibitors are a class of drugs that can temporarily reduce acid production and allow a rather beaten up esophagus to heal. The moral of the story? The acid in your stomach is quite potent and could burn your skin if it were exposed to it. However, the body works in miraculous ways and so you will never have to fear these acids whatsoever.