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Gas Station Facts

Gas Pumps Aren’t As Accurate As You Think They Are
When you visit a gas pump to fill up, odds are you trust that the pump is accurate. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Statistics show that there are over 127,000 convenience stores selling gas in the United States alone. Each state’s Bureau of Weights and Measures is held responsible for making sure every citizen gets what they pay for. Believe it or not, they have found that many people are getting ripped off at the pump. Many are even paying for gas that they aren’t actually putting in their tank. How do you combat this lack of accuracy?

Experts recommend never pumping gas unless the screen says $0.00 before you start pumping. If the screen does not say zero, you’re probably going to get charged extra. In most states, it is also important to check for a sticker that states the inspection month and year right on the pump. If that sticker has been ripped off or is missing, you might be paying more than you bargained for. To stay safe and only pay for what you want, be aware of those inspection stickers, and never pump with a number on the screen.