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Gas Stations Don’t Earn Much Money Off Of Actual Gas
A gas station is called a gas station for the obvious reason that they sell gas. Yet, most gas stations make very little off of the actual sale of gas. Believe it or not, gas stations only earn pennies per gallon of gas after taxes and overhead operating costs. If you think gas station owners love high gas prices, think again, they hate them just as much as you do. The reason? As gas prices rise, profitability decreases. When prices fall, profitability increases.

Since gas stations make so little off of actual gas sales, they strive to make a profit off of convenience items. There is a reason why every gas station seems to sell a total menagerie of times. Sure, there are food and beverages, but there are also novelty items, sunglasses, shirts, medicine, and self-care items. Many have also taken to selling goods for car maintenance such as antifreeze or ice scrapers. Overall, these items account for 60% of all gas station profits and total earnings.

Next time gas prices spike, know that your local gas station owner is probably loathing the rise in costs just as much as you are!