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Food Delivery Facts

The Most Popular Delivery Food Varies By State
Online and in-app food delivery is more popular than ever, but have you ever stopped and wondered what people are actually ordering? According to data, the most popular food delivery items vary widely from state to state. With that said, which food is considered the most popular in a majority of states? Believe it or not, chicken is the most ordered food in 12 total US states, including North Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee, Rhode Island, and Florida. Chicken most often refers to fried chicken or other chicken items.

Coming in second place is Chinese food, which is the most popular food delivery item in a total of five states, including South Carolina, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada. Of course, Chinese food does rank second and third in nearly all US states. What about good old classic pizza? Believe it or not, pizza only reigns supreme for delivery in five states: Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New York. Burgers are a delivery favorite in states such as Texas and India, while sushi reigns supreme in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Louisiana. States such as New Jersey are dedicated to Mexican food, while states like Maryland are devoted to pasta.

What do you think the favorite delivery food is in your state?