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Food Delivery Facts

What Are The Busiest Days Of The Week For Food Delivery?
Want to get your food delivery order faster? Well, you may want to avoid ordering one of the busiest days of the week for food delivery. Generally, the busiest day of the week for food delivery is Friday, followed by Saturday and Sunday. Monday and Tuesday tend to be the slowest days for most restaurants. In terms of time, the hours between 5 and 9 tend to be quite busy. In urban areas, after the dinner rush comes “fourth meal” and delivery activity can pick up again between 10 and 2.

What about the times of the year? Believe it or not, the slowest times of the year for food delivery are July and August. People tend to be out and about more often, thus food delivery slows. People also tend to spend more time cooking out or grilling at home. Take out, in general, tends to decline in the dog days of summer. As the weather starts to turn colder, delivery orders tend to pick up. People feel less likely to go out when the weather starts to turn. This is why October through February or March tends to be the busiest times of the year for food delivery.