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Fast Food Didn’t Exist Until the 1920s
Think rolling into the drive-through was always a possibility? Not so! Historically speaking, the very concept of “fast food” is still rather new. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1920s that fast food became an accepted thing.Up until the early 1920s, burgers were seen as a food retained for fairs, festivals, and luncheon carts. They were a rather average meal that was made from butchery scraps and meat that was nearly too far gone.

It wasn’t until Walter Anderson and Billy Ingram, the creators of White Castle, came along that public perception started to change. The duo opened up its first location in Wichita, Kansas. To help their cause, they set up the kitchen in a way that customers could see the food being prepared upfront. They also painted the building white to evoke a feeling of cleanliness. The results were great! Suddenly, the people of Kansas began to embrace the idea of fast food.

It was no longer thought of as being low-quality or unsavory. Instead, many Americans learned to love fast food burgers and all of the fast-food fare we still enjoy today! Now Americans consume more fast food than any country in the world.