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Family Doctor Facts

Being A Family Doctor Is An Ancient Profession
When most of us picture family doctors, we think of modern medicine. Most of the time, we see medicine as being a relatively new venture, within the past few hundred years. Believe it or not, the role of the family doctor goes way back to ancient times. Research suggests that the first designated housings and doctors for healing the sick were first established in 4000 BC by the ancient Greeks. These physicians were dedicated to their craft and were constantly learning new ways to heal. However, medicine looked much different than it does today.

Rather than working out of formal practices or hospitals, these early doctors practiced in temples that were devoted to healing gods such as Saturn. Each of these temples likely had one separate room that served as a clinic. Rather than healing in a traditional sense, these early family doctors helped to ask for healing from the gods above. The sick were dropped off at these temples as early doctors guided them on their journey to wellness, with healing being attributed to divine entities.

While it isn’t uncommon to pray for healing today, most family doctors now rely on science to help patients get better.