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Family Doctor Facts

Do You Always Feel Like You’re Waiting At the Family Doctor?
Let’s face it, a big part of going to visit the family doctor is waiting around to actually see the family doctor. Just how long does the average patient end up waiting in their family doctor’s waiting room? According to a recent paper published by the American Journal of Managed Care, family doctors and physicians tend to keep their patients waiting for an average of 38 minutes! That’s plenty of time to flip through all those waiting room magazines. While 38 minutes may seem adequate, you’ll also have to wait an additional 15 minutes or so once you get back to the actual exam room. Yes, going to the family doctor means plenty of waiting around for care.

Before starting that long wait, how many patients actually arrive on time for their appointments in the first place? Believe it or not, most patients don’t just arrive at their appointments on time, they arrive a little bit early. Statistics show that a stunning 90.7 percent of all patients arrive about 24 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. Does this mean some of these long waits also fall on the patient’s shoulders? That’s up to you to decide!