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Do Family Doctors Earn More Than Other Professions?
Being a doctor pays! Believe it or not, physicians and family doctors earn top marks as being one of the highest-paid careers available today. Not only do doctors make more than your average mailman, but job growth in the field is extraordinary. In fact, it is growing faster than just about any other profession today. Statistics show that growth is estimated to around 18% in 2020 and beyond.

The reason? We always need more doctors and health-care continues to expand. Health-care related industries are growing at break-neck speed. There is also a high demand for family doctors and physicians in the rural and low-income regions of the world. Our aging population also means that more doctors are retiring and more people are in need of a doctor than ever before!

Despite the fact that being a doctor is one of the highest-paid careers, many family doctors and physicians have no choice but to take on additional part-time jobs in order to pay off all that debt from medical school. Even top earners have to struggle to make ends meet!