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Car Wash Facts

Can Washing Your Car Get You Better Gas Mileage?
Looking for a good reason to head to the local car wash? How about saving money on gas? Believe it or not, washing your car regularly can get you better gas mileage. Experts have found that a very clean car results in less wind resistance. This reduced wind resistance improves your vehicle’s fuel economy. In the past, some folks argued that driving a dirty car boosted aerodynamics.. This was found to be untrue based on scientific evidence and shows such as MythBusters.

When a car is dirty, there is no particular reason or logic behind the placement of the dirt. In terms of creating a more aerodynamic car, placement is everything. Since dirt is generally wherever it wants to be ,this can create more drag as individual air particles look to grab onto the grime. Not only does this slow you down, but it can get you fewer miles per gallon. MythBusters found that a filthy car can actually reduce your overall fuel economy by 10 percent.

If you’ve ever needed a good reason to head to the local car wash for a good scrub down, saving money on gas may just be the best one there is.