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Car Wash Facts

Preserving Your Car Is As Easy As Washing It
A vehicle is one of the most expensive investments most of us will own. Yet, how can we protect our vehicles when things such as road salt and tar exist? The answer is simple: head to the car wash. According to studies, preserving the metal and finish on your car is as easy as going to the car wash regularly. During the winter months, salt is put onto roads to improve traction and reduce accidents. Unfortunately, that salt is not great for your vehicle’s metal parts. Salt is highly corrosive to vehicles. If you let that salt sit on your car all winter long, you’re doing a great disservice to your vehicle.

Regular car washes can eliminate salt build-up and protect all of the metal parts on your car. Washes can also slow down the damage on existing rust, giving you a bit more time to perform rust remediation. Road salt can be so corrosive, that you may not even notice it happening until it is too late. This is especially true of parts of your car that can’t be seen from the outside. The moral of the story? Wash your car regularly and enjoy your vehicle for longer.