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Barber Shop Facts

Barbers Once Doubled As Surgeons
Historically speaking, barbers have rarely ever just been barbers. Sure, they would cut hair and groom beards, but they often had more substance to their position than barbers of the modern day. In fact, most were deemed as quite important members of society. One of the reasons why barbers were held in such high esteem is because they were some of the earliest surgeons.

Back in the Middle ages, before the development of more modern medicine techniques, barbers weren’t just tasked with cutting hair. Instead, barbers had to know how to treat wounds, perform surgery, and commit to full on amputations if a case called for it. Additionally, barbers were trained to do dental work on patients as well as leechings. These professionals were truly marvels who did it all. Without these historical hair cutters, many lives would have been lost, as few others were trained to take on such exhaustive concerns.

Thankfully, barbers shops no longer have to double as medical clinics and barbers themselves no longer have to partake in risky health procedures! Today, it is simply all about grooming and making you feel like your best self!