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Barber Shop Facts

The Invention of the Barbershop Chair
What’s a trip to the barber shop without sitting in one of those iconic barber chairs? While barber shops may have a very long and ancient history, the actual barber shop chair is a relatively new concept. In fact, it didn’t come around until the mid-1850s. The barbershop chair made its debut in 1850, around the time of the Civil War. The earliest version was quite simple and did not recline, making it a bit more difficult for barbers to do their jobs.

Luckily in 1878, the very first reclining barber shop chair was introduced to the masses by the Archer Company in St. Louis, Missouri. These reclining chairs allowed barbers better access to the beard and neck area, making for a closer and more refined shave. Since that year, barber shops' chairs have certainly evolved in both comfort and style.

Yet, so many things about barber shops and barbering remain unchanged. A straight razor is still the preferred method of shaving, the barber pole still spins, and these shops still provide a great place for men to congregate and socialize! Barber shops truly personify the iconic line, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”