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The Art Of Barbering Dates Back More Than 6,000 Years
Think a spin in the barber shop chair is a uniquely modern marvel? Not quite! Believe it or not, historians believe that the art of barbering dates back nearly 6,000 years. Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings depict various barbers cutting hair and grooming. Archeologists have also found relics of razors and other cutting tools that date back well before modern time. Of course, barbers in Egypt were not just barbers.

History suggests that barbers in Egypt and numerous other ancient cultures often doubled as priests who specialized in warding off evil spirits by styling, trimming, and shaving the hair. The belief was that hair could act as a channel for demons to enter the body to take hold. Thus the shorter the hair and the better groomed a person was, the lower the likelihood for these spirits to take hold in the first place.

Today, you’d be hard pressed to find a barber that doubles as a priest or religious leader. That’s because little in the spirituality of modern time has to do with hair or possession. Nowadays, your barber is just going to give you a haircut and move on.