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Apartment Facts

The US City With The Highest Apartment Rents
On a tight budget but looking for an apartment? Well, there are a few cities you may just want to avoid! Particularly, you may want to steer clear of San Francisco, California. Statistics show that San Francisco has the highest average rent in the US, coming in at an average $4,960 per month.

Break that down into pennies and your rent would weigh more than two adult elephants. Coming in number two for the highest rents in the country is New York City. In New York, one can expect to pay an average of $2,750 a month for an apartment. Most of the time, that figure reflects studio or one bedroom options!

The third highest rent in the country may surprise you. One might think Chicago or Philadelphia would lead the charge, but rounding out the top three is San Jose, California. This US city has an average rent of $2,420, despite not being considered a major metropolitan area by most.

If you want to save on rent, you may want to move to the state of Alabama. Several big cities in this state boast rents as low as $401 a month. That’s quite a difference!